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Our custom virtual assistant services blend smart college graduates with the latest technology, boosting your personal growth and professional success

Professional virtual assistance

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Imagine having a highly skilled professional managing your administrative tasks, freeing up your time for strategic thinking and personal pursuits. With a focus on academic excellence, our virtual assistants are trained to handle schedules, emails, and intricate tasks with precision. Going beyond basic task management, they offer a personalized touch, understanding your unique needs and preferences. Seamlessly integrating across devices, Virtual Robins’ assistants ensure accessibility and efficiency wherever your work takes you. Choose Virtual Robins for a dedicated partner committed to elevating your productivity and helping you achieve a better work-life balance. Experience the difference today and let our college-educated virtual assistants empower you to reach new heights in your professional journey.

Cold Calling Virtual Assistant

Forget awkward “ums” and missed opportunities. Virtual Robins are your feathered sales superstars, soaring through cold calls with confidence and finesse. Ditch the script, unleash your robin’s wit, and watch prospects turn into qualified appointments while you focus on closing bigger deals. No more phone dread, just results – Virtual Robins take flight, filling your calendar with qualified leads and your mind with peace of mind

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Specialized Tech Virtual Assistant

Virtual Robins offers Tech Savvy Robins, your elite squad of college-educated virtual assistants fluent in the language of code and innovation. They’re data wranglers, coding companions, and tech troubleshooting whisperers. Think API integrations, project management platforms, and complex software – your Tech Savvy Robin tackles them all with ease. Need competitive analyses from industry databases? Done. Setting up complex marketing automation workflows? Consider it handled. Launching your next SaaS product? Your Tech Savvy Robin is your co-pilot, navigating the technical jungle with expertise and efficiency. So ditch the tech headaches and unleash your productivity potential. With Virtual Robins, even the most cutting-edge tasks take flight.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Your dedicated Virtual Robins Assistant can help with you  with many  administrative tasks. 

Expenses & Invoices

Report & organize expenses, send invoices

Social Media Strategy

Schedule your posts & grow your followings


Help you make smarter decisions in less time

Data Entry

Enter data in your CMS, CRM, etc.


Send email campaigns & surveys, update blogs

Event Planning

Research & book vendors, manage guest lists

Travel Booking

Find the best deals on flights, hotels, and ground

Website Maintenance

Manage small updates and changes to your site

Specialized Tech Virtual Assistant

Need any service? Virtual Robins delivers. Experts ready, or book a consult. Need more? We collaborate for seamless support

Graphic Design

Visual alchemy - blending art and function


Code whisperers - weaving logic into reality.


Digital shopkeepers - building online empires

Cyber security

Digital guardians - protecting the virtual realm

Web Developement

Web architects - crafting online experiences


Breath of life givers - pixels dancing on screen

Project Management

Orchestrators of chaos - guiding teams to success

Many More Services

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