Virtual Robins

Enterprise Package – Quarterly

$5,097.00 / month

50 Hours Weekly
**The date serves as a tentative indication and is subject to availability. If selecting a specialized skill set, kindly consult with us before placing the order.
Waiving up setup fee worth $199

  • Addons

Introducing our Virtual Assistance Services – Your Partner in Efficiency!

1. Cold Calling:

Elevate your outreach game with our Cold Calling service. Our skilled virtual assistants are equipped to engage prospects, generate leads, and drive business growth. Harness the power of effective communication and personalized engagement to expand your client base. Leave the cold calling to us, and watch your connections thrive.

2. Camera Surveillance Access:

We recognize the importance of optimizing resource management, particularly in non-office environments. With our ‘Camera Surveillance Access,’ you gain access to a live stream of your resources, allowing you to monitor them at your convenience. Please use this capability responsibly

3. Technical Skills:

Beyond the listed services, our virtual assistants come armed with a diverse set of technical skills. From data entry and CRM management to proficiency in various software applications, our team is ready to adapt to your specific needs. Count on us to handle technical tasks with precision, allowing you to focus on core business functions. Before choosing this add-on, kindly reach out to our team for a more comprehensive understanding.